"The poet wrestles both internally and externally to find acceptance for herself and her body. Yet, there is no safe harbor for the poet in this world; she is "bribed / to tame my body. Good girls are always in control." To enact some kind of discipline with food even in the company of family, she says, "My body. A body. A thing to ribbon like a 4H hog, / and the family agrees: it must be altered, carved up." This poem records the imagination that many of us have about being challenged by the public and personal scrutiny surrounding the beauty of the body. I'm reminded of the inimitable RuPaul, when he proclaims "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?" The poet desires acceptance and understanding at any cost. Though every reader has their own desire for the attainment of physical beauty this poem may bring us closer to understanding a particular experience." 

- Ruben Quesada for Arcturus, fall 2017.


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